Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Blankets Hebron

Reprinted from Christian Peacemaker Teams with Permission

By Mary Wendeln

February 1,2008

For days as I walked through the market, the Palestinians commented on the weather –

snow is coming. Now Beautiful snow covers the hills, homes and the streets of Hebron.

Palestinians, Israeli settlers, and CPTers are snow bound in their homes. Normal snow activities abounded

such as:, cancelled events, stranded travelers, snow shoveling and the delightful sounds of children playing in the snow.

For a while even the Israeli Occupation seemed to be at a stand still. Everything seemed normal. Israeli Occupation has no control over Mother Nature.

She did not discriminate over which homes and streets the snow fell. Israeli soldiers (IDF) issued no snow stoppage. Israeli government made no proclamations on the quantity of fallen snow nor was there interference by the other key promoters of the Israeli Occupation. Snow covered all the religious sites in Jerusalem.

Is this how it can really be in Palestine? Is Mother Nature telling us something?

As Palestinian and Settler boys participated in a typical snow ball fight when the falling snow [ceased], the Israeli soldiers removed and held two twelve year Palestinians as if they were criminals. Normal activity returned to that of the Israeli Occupation as settler boys pelted snow while the IDF looked on in approval.

For a brief 24 hours, things seemed real and normal.

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