Thursday, February 14, 2008

Curfew for Beit Ummar

Christian Peacemaker Teams sent out these releases yesterday about the town of Beit Ummar, a town located between Bethlehem and Hebron with Christian and Muslim inhabitants. CPT has a long history with Beit Ummar and has housed some of its volunteers there in the past. Beit Ummar has been among the leaders of Palestinian Muslim non-violent resistance, pioneering the practice of conducting Friday prayers in the village's fields which Israeli settlers have tried to confiscate.



Israeli military arrests approximately 40 Palestinians in Beit Ummar and places village under curfew

By Jessica Frederick

13 February 2008

HEBRON Since 1 am on 13 February, the Israeli military placed the village of Beit Ummar under curfew and arrested approximately forty men between the ages of 18 and 25. Since early morning, Israeli soldiers have been entering homes. The military has closed four different areas inside the village. Soldiers are stationed around the local mosque area and throughout the village, along with two bulldozers and DCO jeeps. The military are denying travel to people in cars or on foot, restricting the freedom of movement for goods and medicine. The military denied entry to an ambulance attempting to enter the village.

Israeli police showed members of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in the area an order and a map for Beit Ummar as a closed military zone. Israeli authorities stopped CPTers and informed them they needed to leave immediately.

The Israeli military denied entry to the press and has detained them for an hour and a half.



Israeli Military Conducts Major Operation in Beit Ummar

13 February 2008

BEIT UMMAR: The village of Beit Ummar in the South Hebron region continues under curfew and the army has declared it a Closed Military Zone. It will remain thus until tomorrow night, and papers are being distributed stating that a week-long curfew will be enforced.

So far, Israeli military have arrested 55 Palestinians and house to house searches are ongoing, along with sporadic clashes between military and local youth. The stone throwers are met with barrages of tear gas and `rubber' bullets.

Seven streets inside the village have been closed off, and a store at the entrance of the village, adjacent to the military watchtower was demolished by the Israeli military.

For photos of the Israeli military activity in Beit Ummar, visit:

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