Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sabeel Wave of Prayer

Each Thursday at noon in Jerusalem, Sabeel holds a Communion service that is open to the community. It is a time to join together to celebrate the Eucharist, to discuss how the scriptures apply to our lives today, and to pray for the specific needs of this region. Following the 2006 Sabeel International Conference, the Friends of Sabeel coordinators met and discussed the idea of "Waves of Prayer." The premise is that in their respective time zones, individuals and groups around the world will pray together at 12:00 on Thursdays, in solidarity with Sabeel in Jerusalem and with "Friends of Sabeel" worldwide. Starting in Australia, passing through Palestine, and on around the world we will pray for Peace with Justice and focus on specific issues each week.

Wave of Prayer for Thursday, August 6, 2009

Before sunrise on Sunday morning, Israeli forces evicted seventy Palestinians from their homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Israeli forces also demolished the al-Kurd family protest tent for the sixth time. The al-Kurds were evicted from their home last November. We pray that Israel will end this campaign against the citizens of East Jerusalem. We thank God for the strong condemnation from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and from churches around the world and encourage them to stand firm and act to end this injustice.

The Israeli Knesset passed a "land reform" law on Monday that allows for privatization of state owned land. This threatens to result in the sale of real state expropriated from the Palestinian Arab population in 1948. Such action would violate the property rights of Palestinian refugees. We pray that this law will be overturned in court and that justice will prevail.

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This week, Fatah is holding its first conference in the West Bank in two decades. Approximately 2000 delegates are meeting in Bethlehem to discuss the party's new political platform and to hold elections for leadership positions. In spite of the absence of many representatives from Gaza, we pray that the week's events will strengthen Palestinian unity across political divides and will result in positive progress towards achieving a just peace for all.

Summer is a time of transition at Sabeel. In this season, we must say farewell to some of our international volunteers and greet new people who will be joining our staff. We thank God for the hard work and personal sacrifices offered by our friends. And we are grateful for the unique strengths and experiences offered by each individual who joins us for some time before returning to their homes to share Sabeel message of justice and peace.

This week we join with the World Council of Churches in praying for:
Canada and the United States

Wave of Prayer for Thursday, July 30, 2009

This month, during the hottest part of the summer, a new water tax will go into effect in Israel and Palestine. Established due to the growing water shortage in the region, the tax will add a significant burden to families already struggling in this weak economy. We pray that people will recognize the need to share this region's limited resources fairly amongst all people.

Currently, four very high-ranking American diplomats are visiting Israel and will engage in talks about settlements. We pray that the United States will have the courage to demand a freeze to settlement growth and a withdrawal to the 1967 borders of Palestine and Israel. May these diplomatic meetings be productive in the establishment of a peace based on justice and law.

A friend of Sabeel recently addressed a gathering of ministers in Jakarta, Indonesia about the work of Sabeel and the current situation in Palestine. The group was very receptive and discussed starting a Friends of Sabeel chapter in Indonesia. We thank God for all friends of Sabeel around the world and for the work they do to educate and advocate for a just peace.

Sabeel's International Young Adult Conference is underway! In the process of learning about "Palestinian Christians and the Challenges of Today," the 38 participants have worshipped in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, visited Hebron, enjoyed meals with refugee families, and met with various Israeli and Palestinian peace groups. May God bless their time together as the group travels to the Galilee to learn about the situation facing Palestinian citizens of Israel. We offer thanks for the many generous donations from individuals and organizations that have made this conference possible.

This week we join with the World Council of Churches in praying for:
the island nations of the Caribbean

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