Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sabeel Wave of Prayer

Each week at 12:00 in Jerusalem Sabeel holds a Communion service that is open to the community. It is a time to join together to celebrate the eucharist, to discuss how the scriptures apply to our lives today, and to pray for the specific needs of this region. Our hope is that in our respective time zones, individuals and groups around the world will pray together at 12:00 on Thursdays, in solidarity with Sabeel in Jerusalem and with “Friends of Sabeel” worldwide. Starting in Australia, passing through Palestine, and continuing on around the world we pray for Peace with Justice and focus on specific issues each week.

Wave of Prayer for Thursday, July 31, 2008

We pray for comfort for the Palestinian families in Jerusalem facing home demolitions and evictions this summer. The increased activity of settlement growth and house demolitions have left many in the fragile Jerusalem community worn down by the constant stress. We celebrate the house that was rebuilt this week by the Israeli Coalition Against House Demolition's summer "Re-building Camp" and thank God for people willing to take a stand against injustice.

We thank God for the ruling of the Israeli Supreme Court which declared the injustice of the construction of the Wall on the land of the village of Jayyous. The decision that route of the Wall must be changed is a tribute to the nonviolent resistance to the Wall of the people of Jayyous and we pray that the decision will be implemented immediately

We pray for the growth and learning of the youth participating in the Sabeel Young Adult Conference during this week. We are grateful for this opportunity for Palestinian and interational young people to worship, pray and study together about what makes for a just peace.

We pray that general meeting of Friends of Sabeel North America taking place this weekend bears fruit for all who attend and inspires them in their important work.

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